An Unlikely Pairing - Mead & Football

Most people only think of beer with their favorite football foods. And, of course, the large beer companies make sure that this happens. (Remember all of the Clydesdale ads? Or the "Puppy Bowl"?) Well, we have other ideas! This year, we've paired some of the most popular game day foods with Mead! See what we're cooking up for this weekend!


  • Buffalo Wings with Kickin' Cranberry Orange or Semi-sweet Traditional - spicy with crisp and lightly sweet is always a good thing!
  • Baked Brie with Semi-sweet Blackberry or Blueberry Patch - also fun to match the mead with the jam inside the crust on the brie! We've tried blackberry jam before and apricot preserves with Peach Mead too!
  • Charcuterie (fancy name for cheese and meat tray) with Nordic Blend - a bolder mead to stand up to the bigger flavors of aged cheeses or sausage!
Why yes, wine glasses totally belong at a football game!

Why yes, wine glasses totally belong at a football game!

Or how about supporting your favorite team this way:

  • Cheering for New England Patriots? New England Clam Chowder paired with our Off-dry Pear Mead would be fabulous!
  • Atlanta Falcons fan? How about pairing our new coffee mead, Honeyed Aromatic Roast, with some Chicken and Waffles!

Whatever way you decide to celebrate "the big game", be sure to stock up on your favorite Starrlight Meads at the meadery, in these stores, or online.

Go Team!