Creating mead flavors is one of our favorite things to do at Starrlight Mead! We offer a wide variety of meads, ranging in sweetness from dry to semi-sweet to sweet.

While our mead availability varies by location, you can find and purchase many of these varieties online here, at the meadery, and at these stores locally.

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Traditional, Fruit, and Seasonal Meads

Traditional, Fruit, and Seasonal Mead Flavors at Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro, NC

Traditional Off-Dry Mead

Honey wine with just a hint of sweetness. Light floral notes with a slight citrus finish. Serve as you would a white wine, lightly chilled with Lemon Chicken, fish, or with spicy food! Silver Medal winner at the 2017 NC State Fair and Bronze Medal winner at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine competition, 2012 Mazer Cup International mead-only competition, and the 2015 Finger Lakes Wine competition! 

Pear Off-Dry Mead

Our Off-Dry Pear is a lightly fruity reminder of Springtime. It’s aroma whispers of pear blossoms and honey, while the creamy mouth feel holds the balance of the earthy notes of honey with the light floral of pear, ending in a long ripe pear finish. Crisp and lush! Pair with cheeses, such as brie or cheddar, Asian-inspired foods, or a light salad with a light vinaigrette. Bronze Medal winner at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine and 2016 American Wine Society competitions! 

Blackberry Off-Dry Mead

Blackberry Off-dry Mead is a honey homage to red wine with a full berry nose and a taste that is tart blackberry balanced with the warm flavors of oak and vanilla. Serve at cellar temperature with beef or pork.

Traditional Semi-Sweet Mead

A sweeter honey wine. Fabulous floral honey nose (from the wild flower honey) and long lingering honey finish! Just what you would expect from mead! Wonderful with spicy foods or NY style cheesecake! Double Gold Medal and Best in Category winner at the 2015 American Wine Society and Silver Medal winner at the 2015 Finger Lakes competitions! 

Traditional Sourwood Mead / Limited Release

This semi-sweet traditional mead is made with Sourwood honey from the NC mountains. The varietal honey has flavors of butterscotch, raisin, and straw before fermentation. In this light straw colored mead, the flavor starts sweet with hints of butterscotch and pear, moves through citrus and straw, ending up with a raisin finish. Enjoy chilled with a sweet and sour stir-fry, spaghetti with marina sauce, or shrimp cocktail. Gold Medal winner at the 2016 American Wine Society competition and Silver Medal winner at the 2017 NC State Fair and 2017 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine competitions! 

Traditional Gallberry Blossom Mead / Limited Release

This semi-sweet traditional mead is made with Gallberry Blossom honey from the coast of NC. The varietal honey has bright berry flavors before fermentation. The fragrance of this mead is floral with a little apricot, while it has a sweet, slightly fruity flavor with hints of dried mango. Enjoy chilled paired with with pineapple teriyaki or a medium rare burger. Bronze Medal winner at the 2018 Finger Lakes Wine competition! 

Honeyed Blackberry Mead

Our Blackberry Mead is sweet, tangy and bursting with flavor! Serve chilled with beef or pork. Or try it with a lemon flavored dessert or as a reduction over pound cake! Mix with lemonade for a porch-sipper or champagne for an unforgettable mead-mosa.

Honeyed Pineapple Mead

Honeyed Pineapple has great honey character and finishes leaving a nice pineapple flavor. Pairs well with teriyaki chicken or just as a cold libation on a summer afternoon. Works well as a base for a tropical sangria.

Honeyed Peach Mead

Sweet Peach Mead reminds us of ripe, juicy summer peaches, bursting with flavor. Serve this sweet wine chilled at a picnic or use it to brighten up your favorite pork or spicy chicken dish. Great mead for summer porch sippin'! 

Spiced Apple Mead

Apple pie in a glass! Wonderful apple flavor enhanced with spices of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Tasty chilled, room temperature or warmed gently in the Crockpot! (Warming, brings out the spice!) Fabulous with turkey dinner, carrot cake or spice cake! Silver Medal winner at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine and 2015 American Wine Society competitions.

Honeyed Blueberry / Summer Release

The luscious summer flavor of blueberries preserved with honey for any time of the year. Fruity, sweet , and jammy this mead is lovely on its own or paired with a summer salad or barbeque. Or make sangria with strawberries and blueberries. Chill before serving.  

Honeyed 'Rita / Summer Seasonal

This Mead and Mexican cocktail mashup is sweetened with Agave nectar while the fermented honey adds subtle floral notes. Citrus aroma and flavors abound in this summer gem.  Serve on the rocks or frozen in slushy form.  Salt rimmed glasses are totally optional!

Honeyed 'Jitos / Summer Seasonal

A summer favorite! Spearmint, lime and honey - semi-sweet wine with just the right balance between sweet, mint and citrus. Elegant, yet fun, for entertaining or casual drinking by the pool or lake! Try it frozen!

Pomegranate Pink Peppercorn Mead / Fall Seasonal

In early 2013, our dear friend and mead wench, Jenn, was diagnosed with breast cancer. To honor the courage and determination of her, and all the other women fighting and surviving breast cancer, we created Pomegranate Pink Peppercorn Mead. It has the lively zing of pomegranate and the fruity spice of pink peppercorns. Like those women, this mead is something special. $5 from each bottle sold will be donated to deserving women in order to offset their medical bills. We release this mead each year in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Bronze Medal winner in 2017 American Wine Society competition, Silver Medal winner in 2015 and Bronze Medal winner in 2014 at the Finger Lakes Wine competition! 

Cranberry Orange Mead / Fall Seasonal

We have taken the classic holiday flavors of Cranberry and Orange and created a new holiday tradition! This slightly sweet honey wine is bursting with flavor. Sweet, yet tart and tangy! A perfect complement to all of your holiday meals, from turkey dinner to baked ham. Or mix with sparkling wine for an unusual mimosa-type beverage for your holiday brunch!

Kickin' Cranberry Orange Mead / Fall Seasonal

Our first wine to include spicy peppers!  This wine has the juicy flavors of Cranberry and Orange kicked up a notch with local, hand roasted Chipotle Peppers. Smokey up front, a hint of heat follows with a fruity and tangy finish. This is a honey wine for the more adventurous  palette. Serve slightly chilled with everything from baked chicken to shrimp and grits!

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Chocolate Orange Mead

A true reserve a year and a half in the making! Our Chocolate Orange Mead combines the bitter-sweet flavors of dark chocolate and citrus in a decadent elixir! Orange juice and cocoa powder are added to the fermentation, combined with North Carolina sourced wildflower honey and five different strains of yeast. Aged one year on ten pounds of Venezuelan Mantuano cocoa nibs--a variety selected for its delicate nuttiness, light apricot flavor, and hints of toffee--hand-roasted by our mead maker. Save for special occasions or share with someone you love!

White Chocolate Raspberry Mead

This exceptional delight is something very special! Crafted from tart raspberries and wild flower honey, sweetened with meadowfoam honey, and aged on cocoa butter for rich white chocolate undertones. This delicate reserve starts with white chocolate and fresh raspberries on the nose, the velvety mouth feel develops to reveal the jammy, tart and fruity raspberry middle, finishing with a creamy berry end. Pair this treat with your favorite sweetie or a rich, decadent dessert.

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Reserve Meads available at Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro, NC

Herb-Infused Meads from Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro, NC

For centuries, traditional cultures have added herbs to wines for their culinary and health benefits. Honey wines with herbs or spices added are classified as Metheglins, from the Welsh meddyglyn or “healing liquid.” Our herb-infused meads are made with organic herbs, infused into our Off-dry Traditional, preserving the flavor of the individual herb enhanced with honey.
Note: not all flavors of Herb-Infused Meads are available at all times and these varieties are available only at the meadery!

Lemon Balm Mead

Our Spring Herb Seasonal! Lemon balm is named after the Greek word for honey bee. Refreshing and mood lifting. Flavors of tropical fruit, grass and light lemon.

Chamomile Mead

Chamomile has long been prized for its relaxant effects. Beautiful floral and honey with a light grassy note.

Elderberry Mead

This mead uses both the Elder berries and the flowers . Fruity and lightly sweet, berry flavor. Lovely chilled or in lemonade.

Lavender Mead

Our Summer Herb Seasonal! Lavender is known for its floral nose and relaxing benefits. Heady floral with a slight rose flavor.

Nordic Blend Mead

Reminiscent of a well known Scandinavian drink, Aquavit, made with caraway, fennel and anise seed. Flavors of fennel and rye bread.

Sage Mead

Our Fall Herb Seasonal! Sage is best known as a culinary herb, but also boasts restorative properties. Earthy, savory flavors with a light woodsy quality. Lightly sweetened.

Ginger Mead

Ginger’s warming properties have been recognized for years, especially in Asian cultures. Light floral nose with intense Ginger flavor and a slight burn.

Chai Tea Mead

Chai tea spices of Cardamom, Ginger, and Cinnamon have enchanted the senses for centuries. Reminiscent of a cup of exotic spiced tea with honey.

Honeyed Aromatic Roast

This unique blend of honey and cold pressed Cost Rican coffee, from Aromatic Roasters in Pittsboro, is perfect for brunch or late night relaxing. Touches of cinnamon and vanilla will make all your "breakfast mead" dreams come true. Great paired with a chocolate dessert, chicken and waffles, or a bagel with cream cheese. Silver Medal winner at the 2017 American Wine Society competition!

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