Call it mead or honey wine. At Starrlight Mead, we invite you to discover your new favorite drink.

Maybe you’ve heard of mead from literature (Beowulf, Shakespeare, Harry Potter…) or maybe you remember it from your history books. Whatever you may already know, now is the perfect time to explore mead: wine made from honey.

Refined, refreshing, and far from the sticky sweet you might expect, our award-winning meads will open up a whole new opportunity for you. Let us introduce you to honey wine varieties as engaging, diverse, and exceptional as you would find in the world of traditional wine made from grapes.

Try our meads that span traditional tastes, similar to white wine, to fruit-infused choices like spiced apple and blackberry. Venture into our subtle herb-infused wines, seasonal favorites like our margarita-style “Mead-a-rita,” and special reserve wines such as our unforgettable Chocolate Orange.

Join us at Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro, NC for a tasting, behind-the-scenes tour, or class on how to make your own mead. Save the date with friends for our special events, like our renaissance fair “Mead Day” celebration. Become a member of our Mead Club and pick up a bottle or two from us, at one of these stores, or here on our website.

Wherever your journey takes you, we welcome you to Starrlight Mead.
May the Starrs be your guide as you discover your new world of honey wine!

Becky and Ben Starr
and the team at Starrlight Mead

Starrlight Mead Awards and Honors

2012 - Bronze Medal - Mazer Cup International - Off-dry Traditional

2014 - Bronze Medal - Finger Lakes International - Pomegranate Pink Peppercorn

2015 - Silver Medal - Finger Lakes International - Pomegranate Pink Peppercorn
             Silver Medal - Semi-sweet Traditional
             Bronze Medal - Off-dry Traditional

             Best in Class - Meads - American Wine Society Competition - Semi-sweet Traditional
             Double Gold Medal - Semi-sweet Traditional
             Silver Medal - Spiced Apple

2016 - Gold Medal - American Wine Society Competition - Sourwood Traditional
             Bronze Medal - Off-dry Pear

2017 - Silver Medal - Finger Lakes International - Off-dry Pear
             Bronze Medals - Sourwood Traditional and Off-dry Traditional
             Best in Triangle 2017 - Locally Made Wine - Indy Weekly